At Athlete’s Mission, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between tennis players and the corporate world. We help talented tennis players mitigate the cost of competing and reaching their full potential as athletes by connecting them with companies looking for enthusiastic ambassadors, and also potential life-long influencers and consumers. We work to make connections that truly benefit everyone involved, and we advocate equally for both the players and the brands.

We work with athletes as young as twelve years old through to professional players competing in the ATP, WTA, and IFT tours. We spend the time to fully understand each corporate partner’s needs and the strengths and marketability of each player so that we can facilitate the best aligned and most profitable partnerships.

As tennis players ourselves, we understand the cost of competing in tennis. Everything from the cost of coaching to tournament entry fees can be a financial burden for athletes and/or their families. Elite college athletes can fail simply due to lack of funding. Professional athletes must not only compete on the court but also manage all expenses; we have spoken with hundreds of professional tennis players who say that the steady influx of a few thousand dollars a month would allow them to compete in Grand Slams every year! It shouldn’t be that the sheer cost of competing week after week can be the determining factor of success or failure!

We are committed to helping these amazing players on their journey to become the professional athletes they have dreamed to be. With these athletes, brand partners receive added engagement and impact on social media, an ever-increasing group of followers, users of their brand, and potential future consumers. With a working knowledge of each player’s strengths and attributes, Athlete’s Mission provides guidance with a full twelve-month cycle of how to best maximize each athlete’s exposure and social media reach.

When a company decides to work with us, they are not only getting customized bi-weekly lists of athletes we think are a good complement for their organization, but also complete access to our athlete database; our partner companies have access to the next potential generation of great amateurs, soon to be professional players.

The Ace Card

The first membership card built by tennis players for tennis players. Tennis and travel go hand in hand. The Ace Card will provide exclusive benefits and discounts on hotels, food, rental cars and just for fun items for players and coaches. It won’t be just another card; it will be a community. Whether it is a free coffee every month or discounts on your next tennis trip, this is your card!

The Ace Card is only available to athletes and coaches registered with Athlete’s Mission.

For Our Athletes

We will never charge you more than $2.99 per month, and we will never take a percentage or portion of what you earn with our corporate partners. Our job is to advocate on your behalf; we are not your manager or agent, but we will be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Your completed profile will give us the information we need to start singing your praises, so please be as detailed and accurate as possible.

Here are the expectations of any athlete that works with us:

  1. Build a true and authentic profile in our database. Keep updating your profile with new photos, stories, and victories.
  2. Be accessible within 24 hours to our corporate partners. It is vital that they are a priority to you.
  3. Work with our social media specialists to expand your knowledge of how to best represent yourself to your followers and our brand partners.
  4. Work to increase your social media footprint, and continue to work on content to expand your followers. Brands want to see that an athlete is actively working to better themselves on all levels.
  5. Before speaking with one of our brand partners for the first time, please take 15-20 minutes and learn as much as you can about their business and clientele.
  6. Be willing and able to dedicate a couple hours a week to work with us and our brand partners on social outreach programs on a virtual basis.

For our Brand Partners:

As a brand partner you, can expect the following from Athlete’s Mission:

  1. An ever-growing database of tennis players ranging from juniors to professional athletes.
  2. A bi-weekly curated list of athletes we think are a great fit for your organization, as well as a demographic breakdown of the athletes’ potential influence. *
  3. An organization fully committed to helping you maximize your relationships with our athletes and helping to grow the footprint of tennis.
  4. The option to be a host or sponsor of one of our juniors or professional tournaments.
  5. An opportunity to get your business highlighted on one of our web events or podcasts.
  6. Our commitment to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

*The number of athletes on your curated list will be determined by which of the three tiers you join.

We are offering special launch pricing for the first six months; prices are per month:

  • Tier 1: $229, receives a bi-weekly curated list of 10 athletes
  • Tier 2: $429, receives a bi-weekly curated list of 18 athletes

Who we are:

Athlete’s Mission is a part of BTR Tennis – an organization made up entirely of tennis fanatics – committed to changing the landscape of tennis from juniors up to the professional level. The leadership team comprises current and past ATP players, and current elite-level national and international amateur players. As an organization, we have run hundreds of tournaments across the United States, and in 2022, our tournament schedule is estimated to exceed five hundred events. We will be holding our first two professional tournaments in North America in 2022. We have a unique and personal understanding of the cost of competing, and a deep understanding of true relationships between branding and partnerships.

Tennis Database:

With the largest tennis database in the world, including players ranging from twelve years old to ATP and WTA players, high performance tennis coaches impacting all levels of tennis from grassroots to professional – and continuously receiving new profiles from around the globe – our brand partners will touch and have influence around the world.

Each database profile covers all aspects of tennis, social media, and potential demographic reach. Our brand partners will feel a connection to each athlete and coach in our database beyond just their tennis, getting to understand how each person can promote true engagement.


Another exciting facet of this new platform is our partnership with TennisONE, the premiere app for the tennis community. This partnership is bringing “Hot Shots” to the program. Hot Shots is a chance for our athletes to upload video shorts of their best shots each week onto the TennisONE App. The app’s more than 170K users will vote on their favorites and the top vote-getters each month will be awarded prizes from sponsor brands. This partnership will bring additional exposure to our athletes as they work to build their fandom and increase their endorsement opportunities.

For our brand partners this is an excellent opportunity to have their name and logo visible to the more than 170K users. We will work with our brand partners to best showcase their company with this weekly contest.


The Job Board:

With an ever-growing pool of college juniors and seniors joining Athlete’s Mission – there is no better place to find your next amazing hire. Let us help you with your recruiting efforts. Get early access to our high achieving elite athletes that are looking to join the corporate world.

This is Headhunting done right:

Get all the benefits of a headhunting agency, but without the added cost!

The process is simple:

Step 1: Post your job openings here

Step 2: We reach out to verify the qualification criteria for each position

Step 3: We perform a a through search of our college and professional players database and compile a detailed list of the best fitting candidates.

Step 4: We discuss the potential opportunity with the athlete to confirm interest

Step 5: The bespoke list is presented to you for review

The service is provided to our athletes and brand partners at no additional cost.


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